Cover Kit (Changeable) Orange Automower P12 Mark II

This product is compatible with (for example):

Terrain Wheels Offroad-Kit with Wheel Brushes KIT305 2020
Rough terrain wheels slope wheels with wheel brushes kit
Husqvarna Automower® 305, 415X, 405X, ... P12, P16




price 100,79 EUR
Only 93,98 EUR

This product is similar to:

Cover Kit (Changeable) Grey Automower P12 Mark II

Wechselcover in Grau Grey 305 (>2020)
Échange de logement Cover Grau Grey 305 (>2020)
Exchange housing cover in gray
Exchange housing cover Grau Grey 305 (>2020)

68,32 EUR
Body Kit on P12 White P12 305,310II,315II,…
Body Kit on P12 White
Automower P12
price 66,10 EUR
Only 59,10 EUR